Nigella’s Stornoway Black Pudding Hash

At My Table

I purchased Nigella Lawson’s cookbook, At My Table, recently and I’ve cooked so much from it already. I spent 7 hours one Sunday, cooking 5 recipes and I don’t think I’ve had such gorgeous lunches prepared for the week ahead before. The first meal I made was the breakfast to set me up for the day over the hob… her mouth watering Black Pudding Hash.

Originally from the Western Isles, I’m from the home of the best Black Pudding. In this instance, I couldn’t get any which was upsetting and actually made me homesick. Buying any other Black Pudding is a last resort for me. It’s best you don’t think about the ingredients and once you get beyond that, the taste is phenomenal. It’s meaty, oaty, spicy and reminds me of my mum’s healthier take on a Saturday morning fry up, a ‘grill-up’.

When I saw Nigella had a recipe which recommended Stornoway Black Pudding specifically, I was grateful for the acknowledgment of my home town and was excited to give it a try. Consisting of black pudding, fried potatoes, spring onion, chilli and egg (and a few other bits and bobs), this is a fantastic way to kick off your Sunday. It’s indulgent in flavour but not in cost and you can pick up all the ingredients for less than a tenner for two people (cheaper than one basic brunch out in some hipster café).

If you’re not a fan of black pudding you could try it with white pudding instead, but I find this notion almost blasphemous. Either way, the end result will be warming, homely and colourful, but black pudding gives the dish its moreishness.

Give my homeland a nod and tuck in!


Nigella’s book ‘At My Table: A Celebration of Home Cooking’ is available now


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