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I’m lucky enough to call the Isle of Lewis home, something I didn’t realise until later in life when I got over my bitter, angst riddled teenage years. You’ve probably been told there’s not a lot to do on the islands (if you live there and are inclined towards a cosmopolitan lifestyle you’d be right) but whether you’re a first time visitor, a returning holiday maker or a resident, there’s always something new to uncover; sometimes you just need to to look a little harder.

One of the most precious, gastro tantalising finds is independently run fresh produce producer and retailer, 40 North Foods. The business sits atop a family owned croft and the eatery itself doesn’t look like much from the outside, but it’s a treasure chest of culinary gems. If you’re a fan of organic, free range (proper free range), homegrown produce and you love to eat, then this is your michelin star restaurant.

The menu is packed with deliciousness, from brie & tomato laden puff pastry slices, BBQ roast duck breast and fish pie, to classic fish & chips and decadent creamy desserts (eton mess & lemon syllabub to name a few). Once you’ve conversed with the lovely staff (who are generous with samples) and bagged up your meal you can head out into the fresh island air, take a seat under the blue skies and tuck in. You’ll be surprised by a strange pecking sensation on your ankles if they’re bare but on inspection you’ll discover it’s the chickens pestering you for some grub. They’re the biggest chickens I’ve ever seen, I swear, they’re enormous. Seriously though, world domination enormous. Like War of the Worlds, but chickens.

Surrounding the eatery is a vast green landscape and hardly any sounds    other than the nearby wildlife and the odd car whizzing by in the distance. If you’re visiting the island, 40 North is a must eat. Whether you’re grabbing lunch on the go or you want to submit a larger order for later in the day, it offers some incredible tastes.


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