Stockbridge Market – Suburban Sunday Calm

Ever since I first moved to Edinburgh, Scotland’s gorgeous capital, I’ve been in love with Stockbridge. One of Edinburgh’s most affluent and tranquil suburbs. Stockbridge is quaint yet has its own magical bustle. It’s Old Edinburgh meets New Edinburgh in style and atmosphere. It has an invisible forcefield that disconnects it from the rest of the city and when you walk through this barrier you feel the soothing effects of the area instantly (I’m not exaggerating). It features modern day brands but retains its own charm, never succumbing to complete retail modernisation.

Coffee Stockbridge Market Edinburgh

Every Sunday the Stockbridge Market takes place. It’s an orgy of culinary delights, from homely Scottish recipes to Japanese cuisine and from delicious Highland home baking to great tasting healthy baked hipster alternatives. There are health juices, aromatic coffee, freshly baked 1kg bloomers (yes 1kg of bread!), pastries, cheeses and paella, as well dog treats and an array of home crafts and organic beauty products. I hate to whip out a cliché, but there is something here for everyone. View Post


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