Roundup – July 2016 Edition – No Sign of Robyn

This could be about Robyn’s new single but there’s no any sign of it and I hate my life.

Here’s my roundup of the top 10 new songs floating around radio airwaves, Spotify, youtube etc in July. It features a new collab between SG Lewis and ILIKEYOURFRIEND celebrated vocal God Gallant, a brilliant new attempt on chart domination by Aluna George, and an effort by ever under appreciated 8th wonder of the world Tinashe who’s teamed up with KDA (surely this is the one, this is the one!). There’s also some very good new Olly Murs on there and an old song / new single from Years & Years.

Robyn would be on here but she’s just released a remix of her hit ‘With Every Heartbeat’. That’s great for her, I’m sure she’s enjoying herself, but it’s about time she pulled her finger out of her arse and recorded the follow up to Body Talk. 2010 that came out, yes six fucking years ago.

Robyn, darling, hurry the fuck up. 



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