Adele – Send My Love (To Your New Lover)


Adele’s 25 came out last November and if you missed it then you’re either a hermit or dead. If it’s the latter, condolences. Since its release it’s sold over 19million copies and spawned the behemoth ballad ‘Hello’ as well as fan favourite ‘When We Were Young’. Now it’s May, five months into the album’s lifetime and it’s apparently time for single number three. ‘Send My Love’ is an acoustic guitar lead pure pop toe tapper and is an instruction to a lost love, unlike anything we’ve heard from Adele before. Adele’s voice is as flawless as ever, floating atop the simple arrangement and Britney Spears’ hit maker extraordinaire Max Martin (Baby One More Time/Oops I Did It Again) is at the knobs, twiddling away, making musical magic. His knob twiddling skills have never been questioned before, nor are they about to as this collaboration proves. If I have one criticism its the music video; a piece of film so trippy I had to look away half way through because I almost bought a one way ticket to chunder town. Cheers Adele.



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