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The ‘quarter life crisis’ is actually a thing now. Gone are the days of middle aged men trying to chase the body of their 20 something self, having affairs with women 20 years their junior and trading in their battered old Vauxhall for something sleek, shiny and topless. Now, it’s people in their mid to late twenties who experience this existential rift. I have gone through this myself and still do intermittently and probably will continue to do so because I live a life that is plagued by the idea that I’m “not doing enough!”. I’m working through it, gin helps, but it is quite a serious emotional affliction of young people in the 21st Century. We have direct and constant access to other people’s lives, lives we perceive as better than our own because Instagram tells us that they are. They have more money than us, they travel more, they have betters cars, they have ‘fans’, they seem genuinely happy. Instagram could also be called Illusionagram because while a lot of those people probably are pretty content with their ‘full’ existences, just as many are able to strategically photograph aspects of their lives to make them seem more magnificent than they actually are.

So in true Carrie Bradshaw style,

I got to thinking,

should I write a bucket list?

The bucket list is a wonderful tool, one that could push you to achieve things in your short time on this earth that truly satisfy you and build that story to tell when you’re old and moaning about the youth of today. Perhaps it could be the way to outline the things you really want to add to your story, the things that will fulfil you physically and emotionally, perhaps even spiritually if that’s your thing. Maybe it’s an antidote to the QLC, one that dictates to you the things you could and should be doing to rid yourself of the notion that your existence is inferior because your presence on social media and the vibrancy of your Instagram tiles falls short of your peer competitors.

There are so many things I want to do in my life, but I’ve never once written them out in a list. The idea scares me a bit, because once I write something down it’s there, black and white tyranny pushing me to do things that actually terrify me and force me out of my structure and routine. One of my closest friends has one and she’s the kind of person that, no matter what she’s doing, seems to inspire those around her. She’s working through a list at the moment, one that she aims to have completed by her 30th birthday. That birthday is next year so she should probably hurry up, but joking aside, she’s actually crossing things off that list. I don’t have a list, maybe I should? If you don’t have one, maybe you should? We are so preoccupied in getting ahead, succeeding in our careers and love lives that while one or both of those are flopping around like a fish out of water and we’re moping, dwelling on those ‘disasters’ that we forget about all the things we could be doing with that time spent being a miserable fuck.

So to inspire, I’m going to write my list. Mine is going to be a lifelong list, a realistic goal because I aim to live a bloody long time. If I die young after writing this list I’ll be furious, because I could have spent this time moping. I jest. Although I am Scottish and we love a good mope and a moan, even when we’re not actually upset with something.

Bucket List Teaser

I’m going to stick 10 things on here for now and compile my entire list in private, because it’s for me. If I don’t succeed in crossing anything off before I die, then that’s my own fault and I can moan about it underground. Until then though, I’ll try as hard as possible to make the list a page full of strikethroughs. The orange ones are things that weren’t on my bucket list that I have achieved, to show that I have actually done some stuff in my 29 years!

Write a novel

Visit Tokyo

Visit New York City

See the Great Wall of China

Run a 10k race

Compete in an amateur powerlifting competition

Buy my own place

Visit Iceland

Learn a second language

See Angkor Wat

√Meet Alan Cummings

√Meet Anne Robinson

√Visit Thailand

√Pee through a hole in the floor of a moving train

√Have Laser Eye Surger

Most of mine are travel related, for the time being. I think 10 goals at a time is realistic. Don’t set yourself too many, because you’ll only be disappointed when you can’t fit everything in! Complete one, add another one. Or, don’t listen to me and do your own thing, whatever. Hopefully the list you make will showcase to you what it is you want to achieve in your time on earth and I hope it reveals things you didn’t even realise you wanted to do. If you’re looking for some inspiration there loads of sites online that provide examples / suggestions on things to add to your list:


Telegraph Travel

Bucket List Journey



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