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When did my passion and drive for a healthy lifestyle begin?

In my 3rd year of university I moved in with a fellow student who was studying to be a nutritionist. Her passion and dedication to a healthy, balanced lifestyle rubbed off on me and I’ve never looked back. Before that time, I allowed my desires for bad food to overrule. Not only this, but I was in a long term relationship and neither of us had much drive to visit the gym or do exercise. Staying in, eating carbs and having lots of treats was standard weekly practice. We were too comfy and that was a problem.

Before & After
My before & after

So when I moved into my new flat and my flatmate was working out, eating well but not restricting herself from certain food groups, I decided to give it a shot. I always thought a healthy lifestyle would be too much of a challenge for me. I was never terrible at sport, I didn’t mind running cross country races and long walks with the family didn’t bother me too much. So surely I could give this whole ‘balanced lifestyle’ a go?

“Food is a massive part of life but I make good choices (most of the time!)”

My flatmate and I went to the gym regularly, we’d eat high protein foods and balanced meals, we tracked what we ate, and we weighed in once a week. Easter eggs as snacks were a thing of the past, potato wedges and quiche with a side of mayo were no more. I didn’t care, I felt amazing and I was never hungry as I ate lots food. Fruit and veg became my go to snack.

Chocolate was never far away. I ran an extra kilometre so I didn’t feel guilty for having a bar of Dairy Milk on a Friday & Saturday night. If we wanted a take away I did a more intense gym session and if I didn’t feel like a gym session then it was still okay. As I was learning what my body needed and how to drop the pounds I didn’t want.

M&MsPink Trainers

7 years later and I still live like this. I eat out, I have cocktails, and I eat chocolate regularly. I run, I cycle and I make the most of life. Food is a massive part of life but I make good choices (most of the time!). Exercise and healthy eating makes me feel amazing. It’s a mental state I never knew was possible.

The mind is a powerful tool. Both good and bad. I accept the bad days – sometimes you just need chocolate and champagne and not to move a muscle all day. That’s okay. Some days you want to get your trainers on and run or cycle for miles. It’s all about balance, with food, with exercise and with mood.

I wish I could bottle up the feelings I have after 5 days on plan and use it to inspire others. Sadly I can’t. I challenge anyone to eat well for 5 days with at least 2 days of exercise. After this 5 day challenge you will feel amazing and won’t want to divert back to your old ways. Yes you will have lulls but once you’ve felt the benefits you’ll not let yourself or your body down.

There is no quick fix, it’s a permanent change. A change that will change your life for the better.

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