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Brunch is the meal of posers and hipsters… so I guess that makes me an asshole. Brunch is my favourite weekend activity, making me perfectly suited to a life in the city. You have enough time to lie in beyond your usual weekday rise, enough time to get ready (and not look like hell) and enough time to build up an appetite. The breakfast rush is obliterated and a relaxing, mid morning chow with your dearest compadres is the perfect start to your precious downtime. Edinburgh might not win any awards for its night life when you compare it to juggernauts like London and New York City, but it has a lot to offer through the daylight hours. Brunch spots are plentiful and here are some of my favourite spots:

Rose Leaf, Sandport Place

This quirky little pub in Leith is a shabby-chic wonderland, complete with Mad Hatter’s theme. I’ve been more times than I can count on both hands and I’ll continue to add to this number in the years to come. The menu isn’t small, thus I spend an age indecisively hopping between dishes until I eventually get the same thing I always get, The Big Yin. This is Rose Leaf’s take on the full Scottish brekkie and you won’t leave disappointed. Served on a skillet, this is a mountain of brunch delights including eggs, Stornoway Black Pudding, pork sausages, tomato and mouth watering streaky bacon. Other options worth trying are their French Toast and Eggs Benedict. Perfectly accompanied by a pot-tail (cocktail in a teapot) or if you’re staying sober try the Red Cappuccino which is spiced with cinnamon, jasmine and topped with star anise.

Project Coffee, Bruntsfield Place

If you’re looking to cut the cost of brunch, this spot is perfect for you. A great location near Bruntsfield links and Morningside road, this is in the ‘fancier’ part of town or at least creeping into it. This side of Edinburgh is gradually becoming hyper-hipster and is second to Stockbridge on my top Edinburgh areas. You can’t make a reservation here, but you don’t have to wait long. Service is fast (order at the counter), the food is plentiful and the coffee is incredible. If you’re carb conscious, be warned, the full breakfast comes with what feels like a loaf of bread per plate so you could ask to swap that out for more bacon.

The Hideout, Queen Charlotte Street

Edinburgh Hideout

This is so close to my flat and has served me well on work from home days when a change of scene is required. It’s cute inside, a little more of the shabby-chic aesthetic with some vintage pieces dotted around. The coffee is amazing, really strong, hairs on your chest type stuff and more importantly, the brunch is mouth watering. I usually go for the scrambled eggs with oak smoked salmon… my mouth is filling with saliva right now. It also boasts some delicious sweet treats and their fruit scones are delicious.

Salt Cafe, Morningside Road

I love Salt Café. In fact, this is currently my go to weekend munching spot. Subtly nestled into Morningside Road, this is situated perfectly for a Saturday morning session. The Eggs Royale / Benedict are to die, and the full breakfast is also a solid choice. The coffee is strong & full bodied (whatever that means) and if you so wish, you could indulge in a boozy brunch as this doubles as a wine bar. There’s an impressively stocked florist a couple of doors down if you want to bring nature home with you, Luca’s ice cream at the end of the street and if you want to walk a little further you’ll come to Artisan Cheesecakes which I have yet to try, but I have been told it’s incredible.

There are plenty more brunch spots in Edinburgh and this post could go on, and on, and on… Fortunately for you, I’ll stop now. Please, go forth, eat and enjoy every weekend ahead of you.


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