I’m Iain and I’m one of those hipsters bloggers that goes around writing things and thinking he’s great because he writes things no one reads.

I started off in 2010 with a little pop music blog called Ratedi which no one read and meant nothing to anyone, except me. I took things forward by rebranding as http://poppilgrim.blogspot.com and continued to blog there for over a year on all things pop. Unfortunately, I lost my mojo in 2015 and recently realised that it wasn’t that I didn’t enjoy blogging anymore, it was just writing about the same things over and over had become mind numbing!

In 2016 I rediscovered my passion for blogging with the stupidly named ILIKEYOURFRIEND, which saw me step forth into the world of travel and lifestyle blogging.

Now that I’m 31 going on 65, I’ve changed things again and now you’re here, in the Islander’s Kitchen (my kitchen). It feels like the perfect fit for me, finally. I’ll blog about the same things as always, music I like, places I loved visiting, life’s trials and tribulations and now I’m going to do a little bit on food, mainly recipes. So I hope you enjoy and fire on over to one of the social channels and engage away. 🙂


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